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Gemstones: Your Guide To Gems And Jewelry

Gemstones: Your Guide To Gems And Jewelry




Gemstones: Your Guide To Gems And Jewelry

by Jasmin Smith

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How to Have Your "Carats" and Wear Them Too!

Your Guide to Gems and Jewelry

Picture this.  Another birthday or holiday is right around the corner and again, you are stumped about what to get that special person in your life.  There’s no way you can fall back on another new kitchen gizmo.  Remember last time?  The atmosphere didn’t warm up for almost a week!

Sure, diamonds may be a girls’ best friend but they aren’t always the answer.  They are usually priced way over the average budget and believe it or not, there are other gems that are just as attractive.

If you aren’t familiar with some of the alternatives to diamonds, you need a “crash course” in “Gemstones” and ”Your Guide to Gems and Jewelry” is the perfect answer!

If you are considering becoming a Certified Gemologist then this isn’t the route for you.  But, if you are a novice and just need to learn about what to look for at the jewelry counter then read on.

Learn everything you need to know to navigate those price tags and learn how to tell one gem from another.  Take a look:

  • Why You Should Learn About Gemstones – Some day you are going to be in the market for jewelry.  Best be prepared!
  • Learning the Lingo – Jewelry jargon can sound like a foreign language.  Lapis, loupe, inclusions and feldspars.  What does it all mean?  We’ll tell you!
  • What About Carats – Well, carrots we eat and carats we measure. But, how does the carat weight affect the price and what’s the difference between size and carat weight?
  • Evaluating Color – Learn how lighting affects color AND how to grade color in colored gemstones.
  • Judging Transparency and Clarity – Learn all about inclusions and blemishes and how lighting can affect the transparency as well as the clarity.
  • All About Cuts – Ever wondered about the different styles of gems?  If so, discover how cuts affect price and the face-up view and the “life.”
  • Learn About Cat's Eye and Stars – Find out how these stones differ from others and how you can evaluate them.
  • Pros and Cons of Synthetics – Can you tell the difference between a “real” stone and a synthetic?  Some people actually prefer the synthetic.  Discover the prices versus naturals and other ways they differ from natural stones.
  • What Are the Different Types of Stones – Did you know that moonstone is a feldspar?  What is a zoisites?  They sound like some kind of disease, don’t they?  Actually those are just two different “types” of stones.  Learn about them in Chapter 9.
  • Evaluating Gemstones – Here is where you learn all about the different colored stones.  Learn everything about them from alexandrite to turquoise.
  • How to Spot Fraud – Unfortunately there is an “under-belly” in gemstones just as in other business.  Learn how to spot fraud and identify unscrupulous dealers.
  • Caring for Your Jewelry – Learn the proper way to store, clean and care for your jewelry.  Pay close attention because the instructions can vary from stone to stone.
  • Where and How Gemstones Are Mined – Discover how a gemstone is created and prepared for4 you to wear from where it is mined to how it is cut.
  • Buying Wholesale – There are avenues for doing this, but you must be careful.  Learn about some of the unseen dangers of this practice.

Instead, become a knight in shining armor AND watch the sapphires glinting in her earlobes or the emeralds gleaming on her wrist.  You’ll never regret owning your own copy of ”Your Guide to Gems and Jewelry.”  Grab your copy now!




















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Gemstones: Your Guide To Gems And Jewelry

Take a peek: Garnet Jewelry Collection JADE Jade has been treasured in China as the royal gemstone since at least 2950 BCHue refers to the diamonds color, tone refers to the colors lightness or darkness, and saturation refers the colors depthShop All Amber Jewelry Coral: Like pearl, coral is an organic gemstone found in waterWhen regularly worn jewelry, such as wedding rings, becomes noticeably dull, it's always a good idea to take it to a professional jewelry cleanerAlexandra Mor LLC Alexis Kletjian Amy Glaswand Best Brilliance, IncThis improves the emeralds transparencyShop All Emerald Jewelry Lab-Created Gemstones vs


Pink Hue: rose quartz, topaz, ruby, diamond, tourmaline Red Hue: ruby, carnelian, coral, zircon, garnet Yellow Hue: citrine, diamond, sapphire, garnet, peridot, amber Green Hue: emerald, jade, malachite, alexandrite, topaz, zircon Blue Hue: sapphire, zircon, lapis lazuli, turquoise Purple Hue: amethyst, alexandrite, tanzanite, purple jade, opal, garnet Black Hue: hematite, onyx, diamond, obsidian, beryl, pearl Brown Hue: topaz, diamond, amber, citrine, smoky quartz White Hue: diamond, pearl, zircon, moissanite, opal, moonstone 2 Clarity Gemstone clarity is determined by how visible a stone's inclusions are and whether there are any foreign inclusions within the stoneOf particular interest is a vivid, hot pink with a tinge of orange that is mined in Burma, which is one of the most spectacular gemstone colors and unlike any other gemIts vibrant color reflects passion, energy, and life and it is believed that Rubellite helps bring emotional balance and calmPearl: A pearl is an organic gemstone produced inside an oyster as the result of the oyster protecting itself against some form of irritant, like sandIts said to strengthen intuition, aid in creativity and inspire the imaginationRise AboveShop Ceylon Cut Jewelry Rose Cut A rose-cut gemstone is faceted similarly to a brilliant cut, but has a flat bottom and consistent repetition of same-sized triangular facets over the entire crownMany of the cuts discussed above can be applied to and modified for various gemstone shapes


Gemstones A-Z Filter by Alphabet: Gemstone Varieties and Trade Names A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ALL Color Filter: Please Select Metallic White Colorless Blue Red Green Yellow Orange Brown Pink Purple Gray Black Banded Multicolored Search for a term: All Gemstones Agate Alexandrite Almandine Amazonite Amber Amethyst Ametrine Andalusite Andesine Andradite Aquamarine Aventurine Benitoite Beryl Bloodstone Carnelian Cat's Eye Chalcedony Chrysoberyl Chrysocolla Chrysoprase Citrine Copper Coral Danburite Diamond Diaspore Diopside Dumortierite Emerald Fluorite Garnet Gold Golden Beryl Goshenite Grossular Hiddenite Iolite Jade Jasper Kunzite Kyanite Labradorite Lapis Lazuli Larimar Malachite Moonstone Morganite Onyx Opal Orthoclase Pearl Peridot Platinum Prehnite Pyrite Pyrope Quartz Rhodochrosite Rhodolite Rhodonite Rose Quartz Ruby Rutilated Quartz Sapphire Scapolite Silver Smoky Quartz Sodalite Spessartite Sphene Spinel Spodumene Sunstone Tanzanite Thulite Tiger's Eye Topaz Tourmaline Tsavorite Turquoise Uvarovite Variscite Zircon Zoisite Some important gemstones are not here yetA gemstone with excellent saturation reflects a pure color that is uninterrupted by brown or grey tintsThis information is written or stamped on the invoice or on an information card enclosed with your purchaseEach Opal is truly one-of-a-kind; as unique as our fingerprintsUsed to create the beautiful ocean blues as well as the vibrant sky blues in pantings during the Renaissance, Lapis Lazuli is a colored gemstone that has been revered for centuriesOur series of articles on gemstone care will help you make the best choice and show you how to clean your gemstone jewelry safelyLearn more Contact Contact Us Member Support FAQ & Help Newsletter Get gemology news and insights delivered straight to your inbox! Subscribe 2017 International Gem Society LLCThey may know a lot about metals and gems, but they also know tons about styles and trends


Once dry, the chips can be blown away, and the piece is free of water spotsLook for jewelry boxes that feature individual padded slots for rings, posts for earrings, and hooks for necklacesDurabilityColored gemstones provide the opportunity for uniquely personal expressionJewelry Trade Search Search Find a Jeweler Find an AGS Professional Jeweler Find an Appraiser Diamonds AGS Diamond Grading System History of the Diamond The History of the Diamond as an Engagement Ring 4Cs of Diamonds The Perfect Engagement Ring The Perfect Proposal Diamond Buying FAQs Gems and Jewelry Birthstones Gemstone Map The Healing Power of Gemstones Precious Metals and Jewelry Jewelry for Special Occasions Jewelry Appraisals & Insurance Moissanite Information About Pearls Buying Jewelry Sell Your Fine Jewelry Games & Quizzes About AGS AGS Laboratories Code of Ethics Why an AGS Jeweler? Diamond Grading Standards Retailer Spotlight News Social Media Brilliance: subscribe Jewelry Industry Careers See our Ads Contact Us AGS Laboratories Why AGS Laboratories? Diamond Trade Info About AGS Laboratories Verify a Diamond Grading Report Become an AGS Laboratories Client Shop Briolette Shaped Rings The deeper and more vivid the color of green, the more valuable the gemstonePrecious vsLapis Lazuli is a dark blue microcrystalline rock that often sparkles with golden pyrite inclusions


Furthermore, some gem setters may not smooth out notches they cut into the prongs, making them prime repositories for dirtShop Pear Shaped Rings Trillion A trillion cut gemstone is a three-sided, curved triangular gemstone averaging 31 to 43 facetsOthers have characteristic inclusionsThis stunning gem is reminiscent of the stars in the midnight skyPeridot RingDrukker Designs Mixed Gemstone EarringsJane Taylor Jewelry LLC Diamond RingJane Taylor Jewelry LLC Kleio Link BraceletAmy Glaswand Facet Three Stone Opaque Diamond RingDawes Design Slice Diamond RingVivaan Morganite RingCarelle Fancy Sapphire RingOmi Gems, IncEach type of mineral gemstone undergoes a specific combination of heat, pressure, and time that creates the hardened crystal structures unique to the individual gemstoneGemstone Care If you own gemstones, knowing how to care for them is crucial if you want them to last and maintain their sparkleThe four gemstones that are most commonly considered precious are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds 48a4f088c3


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